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Holistic Wellness By Misti Chamberlain

I am a certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner. My goal is to teach and empower others to obtain tools to live healthier lifestyle and have fun while doing so. I am here to serve and
 to build relationships through holistic healing.

My Journey in holistic wellness started back when I was a child. My mom believed in healing the body naturally. this through and S.O.U.L. diet, herbal supplements, and exercise.

I have since grown to love what food can do for the body. nutrition can improve your life in so many ways. I also believe in keeping your body moving is a key source to
maintaining optional health and well-being. 

I look forward to working with you!
-Misti Chamberlain.
Call to schedule your first
assessment when your ready! 

Business: (623) 205-5559
Location: Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and surround areas. 

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